The Anti-firearm echo chamber

September 18, 2019

by: Frank Tait

At the Radnor Township commissioners meeting last week where we stood up for firearm owners rights, I was invited to the CommUNITY breakfast at Villanova University this morning. Ostensibly I was invited to be the pro forearms person on the panel, but no - I was just an attendee and any questions or comments had to be submitted in writing and were under control of the anti moderator. I kept a running commentary on Facebook.

The panel had a couple of familiar faces from Congresswoman Dean (PA4) and State Senator Kearney (PA26) townhalls over the past couple weeks.  The panels are one sided.  This one had Sara Wallace from Moms Demand moderating, Bryan Miller from Heeding God's Call and Chief Mark Talbot from Norristown PD and a couple high school kids.  Of course they had Lisa Borowski the Radnor board President touting the letter to the legislators recommending the adoption of the anti-firearm legislation under debate.  Full blast virtue signaling.

I did get one question asked, what do the panelists think about the woeful rate of prosecutions of gun crimes.  From Congresswoman Dean's townhall she was touting that there were 12,000 denials of firearm purchases in the past year just in PA.  From what I can find, it seem there were less than 20 prosecutions.  Of course thee statistics were not included when the question was read.  The chief was the only one to respond and he justified it by saying that since there were typically other felonies also being prosecuted, he was OK with not prosecuting or the gun crimes.

As I have done in the last 4 meetings, I asked why we were not talking about firearm safety education.  The NRA has a proven Home Firearm Safety program that saves lives by providing education that will minimize firearm accidents due to educating people on proper firearm storage and safe firearm handling.

I reiterated that there is a foundation wiling to fund 1,000 students through the NRA Home Firearm safety class at no cost to the students.  Again crickets.  

As the program was winding up, we had some middle school students at our table.  I asked them if they would be interested in a class like the NRA Home Firearm safety and they said that yes it would be helpful as they wouldn't know what to do if they or a friend saw a gun.  

I hold out a slim hope that we can break through the "viewpoint discrimination" (new phrase from the NRA board meeting last weekend) that the anti-firearm echo chamber practices and save lives with proven safety education.