PA Senate Hearing Pt 4 - Day 2 Summary

October 2, 2019

By: Frank Tait

The Pro firearm rights community really stood up for these hearings.  Kim Stolfer reported that about 200 patriots came on Tuesday and about 250 patriots on Wednesday.  It was fantastic to see this support and great to reconnect with old friends from the Appleseed, FOAC, GOA, PAFOA and OpenCarry communities and to make new friends.  

Shira Goodman (pictured to the left) and her crew were outnumbered and they seemed flummoxed that they were outnumbered and outmaneuvered.  Pro firearm rights supporters filled the seats in the hearing room on Tuesday and Ceasefire’s transparent attempt to hold a press conference outside the hearing room so that they could get their supporters into the hearing room, even thought the pro firearm supporters had been standing there for over 2 hours.  According to Kim Stolfer, in his 36 years of advocacy, he as never seen a press conference held outside a hearing room.  Kim also stated that Ceasefire thought that they would be able to dominate the news cycles by packing the hearing and doing their press conference but the turnout by the pro firearm rights community successfully muted their efforts.

It appeared that Chairman Baker was trying to let all voices be heard, but her time management was challenged.  Senator Baker deserves credit for having the hearing run over 2.5 hours to make sure that all of the invited panelists got their say.

Senator’s Haywood (pictured to the left), Farnese and Santarsiero were appalling in their treatment of the pro firearm speakers.  Senator Santarsiero attempted to impugn Josh Price as a tool of the firearm industry - but Josh gave it right back to him.  He even attempted to link firearm rights to human sacrifice!  

Senator Haywood read a letter from a constituent whose husband committed suicide  (the author of the letter read that at Rep. Dean’s (PA4) townhall a couple weeks previous. It is tragic that the author’s husband committed suicide by using a firearm, but the author mentioned that heR husband had previously attempted suicide and that she had hidden his firearm, but he convinced her to give it back.  The author had the opportunity to utilize the 302 process, and did not, and the opportunity to keep the firearm secured from her husband, and did not.  Blaming the gun is easier.  

The Giffords group counsel claimed that the ERPO is a scalpel - it is more like a nuclear weapon.  These people have no comprehension or interest in understanding the second and third order implications of making a law abiding citizen a prohibited person.

Senator Regan, a former law enforcement officer, was very effective in pointing out how the ERPO as drafted would create greater danger for the law enforcement officers sent to enforce them.  The anti’s never consider the human cost on those that they expect to enforce their prohibitions.

Lt. Col Price of the PA State Police was asked to clarify Terms and Definitions for the purpose of the hearings.  He was a great example of how law enforcement has inconsistent and imprecise definitions that are at odds with common firearm community definitions and how these sloppy definitions give rise to ambiguities in the law as the legislators use those sloppy definitions in their legislation.

Bottom line, we have an anti-gun media that gives preferential treatment to the anti side while at best, ignoring the pro side.  We have an anti-gun governor and administration that are actively working to take away our rights.  While we have a Republican controlled legislature, several of these have fallen for the “have to do something by passing more laws” lie.  

Second Amendment advocates need to stand up every day like we did on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Our adversaries are determined and they will not give up.  We need to exceed not only their determination, but also their numbers.  We are a constitutional republic and out elected officials work for us.  They only way that they will respect the constitution, especially Section 21, is that they need to hear from us....Constantly, not just for events like these hearings.

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