Thoughts from the NRA Board meeting on 9/14/19

September 17, 2019

by: Frank Tait

The Save the Second  team mobilized several NRA members to attend the board meeting on Saturday September 14, 2019. 

The evening before was a great opportunity to talk to several board members and spend time with some fascinating people such as NRA Directors Mark Geist, Duane Liptak and Ted Nugent as well as Save the Second board members Andy Lander and Rob Pincus. 

It was an early start at 7:30.  No audio or video recording devices were permitted.  

I was curious how the NRA logistically manages a 76 director board meeting.  It was pretty similar to a public company annual meeting. Written script, specified roles or who would read resolutions and who would make motions and second motions.  While efficient from time management, it doesn't offer opportunity for real debate.  Any motions not on the agenda needed to be submitted in writing and in advance. 

The leadership reports were rah-rah and support Wayne centered.

Interestingly the so called "Bloomberg rule" requiring someone to be a life member for 5 years was "interpreted" (my read relaxed) to permit waivers up until the next executive committee meeting.  Since Marion Hammer made the motion, it seems that there are board candidates that need that rule waived (since the meeting it seems that Mark Robinson who was sworn in at this meeting would need the waiver) - He is very personable and signed my petition!

The CEO report was much of the same fear-mongering that we see in the emails and mailers. 

The ILA update was interesting where the focused on the topic of "viewpoint discrimination" where we are seeing battles on the streets, the courts, in federal, state and local legislatures and in one-on-one personal interactions.  I can attest to this from my recent participation in legislative townhalls.

It was heartening to see the "war room" and rapid response efforts to the attacks from legislators and the media.  The quick response to the City of San Francisco resolution and to "Beto"'s they are taking our AR-15's and AK-47's is a great step, but not enough - this effort is all reactive.  We need to be PROACTIVE with our messaging - particularly around firearm safety education.

While not unexpected, it was disappointing that the member petition led by the Save the Second group to have mandatory minimum attendance at board meetings for directors, they deferred the issue until the next meeting on Saturday January 11 in Tysons Corner VA.

The meeting reinforced that we need a smaller board that is more engaged and term limits to bring new blood and thinking into the discussions as well as the minimum attendance requirements.

The second photo are all of the dedicated NRA members and the Save the Second board that attended the meeting.  This was us sitting outside while the board was in executive session.  The sign on the front of the table reads The NRA needs massive reform - Change our minds. h/t to Steven Crowder.

Rob Pincus interviewed me after the meeting and that video is here