Former ATF Agent misleads Gunsense Audience

October 11, 2019

by: Frank Tait

Gunsense held a "Gun Safety" forum at Westminster Presbyterian Church in West Chester PA on Monday October 7.  About a dozen pro-firearms rights folks attended to make our voices heard, but we were censored.

It is disappointing that Gunsense has adopted the "any question must be in writing and will be asked if the moderator thinks it appropriate approach" of other Anti groups.  Keeping pro rights people off their panels and censoring pro-rights questions seems designed to keep their members ill informed and to keep the Pro side from challenging their lies, misinformation and consciously confusion and inflammatory language. 

When I tried to challenge a blatant falsehood from former ATF agent and Giffords group lobbyist Chipman, I was told to be quiet or I would be asked to leave.

Chipman was using the law enforcement technique of making statements designed to lead you to what he sets up as an obvious, but misleading conclusion.  And as a reminder Federal law enforcement (and law enforcement in general) are allowed to lie to you with no consequences. This is what we are fighting.

A couple of his most egregious ones were statements around background checks. He strung together a series of statements that clearly implied that once background checks were in place, then criminals would not be able to get guns. (I tried asking about the prosecution rate for PICS denials and was shut down). - point of fact, from Rep Dean's townhall a few weeks ago there were 12,000 denials in PA in the past year, only 12 prosecutions and 3 convictions.  The Gunsense audience doesn't know that.

His other blatant misleading statement was around carrying a firearm for self defense.  His statement was that those carrying were just looking to be hero and were more likely to get killed themselves and less than 1% of firearms owners use their firearms for self defense. The Gunsense audience never got to hear about the suppressed Center for Disease Control (CDC) studies that cites the large number of people the successfully defend themselves with firearms.  Or the recent FBI reports that clearly show that violent crime rates drop as the number of concealed carry people increases.

And as usual, the panelists never talk about the criminal use of firearms and what they will do to address criminals as Unlawful gun owners commit most of the crimes (see graph to the left)

We'll keep working to get on their panels and get the message out.