Creating NRA Certified Instructors is a Force Multiplier for our 2A Rights

November 2, 2019

by: Frank Tait

I adapt the old saying that “those that can do, and those that can’t teach”, to “those that can no longer do - TEACH.”  Creating Instructors is a force multiplier in building the community that stands up for our 2A rights as well as teaching firearm safety and marksmanship.

Creating new instructors brings me the most satisfaction in teaching firearm skills. We just wrapped up a class where we have 7 new NRA Certified Pistol Instructors. These 7 will be great ambassadors for the NRA and our Second Amendment rights.  We had 1 youth, 2 women and 4 men.  Ages ranged from 14 to 70.  3 of the students were already RSO’s getting their first instructor credential and 2 were existing Rifle instructors adding Pistol.

The students were a wide variety, from a 14 year old young woman who has been helping at Appleseed and Revere’s Riders events for 5 years. Faith’s usual role is to be our “gumby”, having the flexibility to safely and accurately demonstrate the Rifle positions for prone, seated, kneeling and standing giving our older instructors a break on their ibuprofen consumption. Faith’s willingness to learn and develop her skills and help others demonstrates the Attitude that NRA instructors need to successfully teach firearm safety and marksmanship.  I have seen the Apprentice instructors I certified grow to become not just full instructors, but great people going on to work in the firearms industry and successfully competing in multiple shooting sports and earning Distinguished Expert in multiple disciplines.

We also had a Training Counselor candidate attend the class.  He wanted a fresh perspective on how other Training Counselors run Instructor classes.  I was assisted by another TC and 2 other instructors, 1 a LE instructor.  

One of the things that we stress is that Instructors need to be infectious carriers of CALM to help the students concentrate.  A calm approach keeps the students focused on the expected behaviors.  We also spent about double the required time working on diagnostics.  Instructors need to be great diagnosticians to help new shooters develop the confidence to safely own and operate that firearm.

There are issues with the NRA, but we need to keep teaching classes as a way of sharing the message and keep creating instructors as a force multiplier to expand our reach.